Erik Pirolt

”The Hunter Larvae” originates from the studio of Erik Pirolt i Kristiansand and might describe as part vehicle, predator, fossil-based engineering, organic sculpture and hunting tool. Throughout four seasons,between 2014 and 2015, it remained mounted in a tree along the cultural heritage path of Skodalsåa in Harpefoss, an artwork camouflaged in the landscape, or alien object looking for a host to clench itself onto.


As former constructions by Pirolt, “The Hunter Larvae”s function is determined by it´s ability to be suspended mid-air, supported by trees or rocks, as a bedroom for two. This time however the sculpture was adapted for the needs of hunting and outdoor-living, both shelter and lookout-point. The construction of “The Hunter Larvae” is designed to be used as a hunters cabin, for rafting downstream or it can be attached to a bike for transportation. The design is inspired by organic forms like shells, spiderwebs, spikes and mucosa surrounding inner organs, but basically expressed in terms of sculptural qualities rather than functional. The artist’s idea is both romantic and critical: two persons are placed as petal leaves in the treetop, whereas the organic container has a amoeba-like resemblance, sadly in lack of personality to sustain an identity of it’s own.