Andreas Siqueland

“This summer I went hiking with my girlfriend in Femunden National Park in Norway, from Elgå to Røros. We followed in part the footsteps of the Swedish botanist and zoologist Carl von Linné, who travelled here on his “Dalaresa” in 1734. Linné was a pioneer of modern taxonomy and founder of modern formalised systems for naming plant and animals. When walking this path I imagined what it would be like experiencing nature at the time of Linné. Since then had the mountains changed notably? Had nature been transformed by naming it and entering a linguistic discourse? What was it like to wander about as the librarian of nature in wig and high heels?”

Library of Solitude is a long-term project in collaboration with Harpefoss Hotell. The project aims to create a space for reflection in nature. It will take the shape of an interior and eventually be overtaken by it’s exterior. The library is both a physical (material) and mental (imaginary) tool to explore relations between word, image and place. The exhibition in Kabinettet at Harpefoss Hotell marks the beginning of this work.