Harpefoss Hotel is an art centre in Gudbrandsdalen, Norway, hosting a wide selection of exhibitions, an artist-in-residence program (Harpefoss A-i-R), art festivals, concerts, talks and conferences the year through. The main program is running from April through November, partly during the winter.


Harpefoss Hotel also publish new books, film productions and public art-projects. TILT was established in 2016 as a collaborative platform for new art and interdisciplinary projects. Our workshops and public art-projects  engage both artists, writers and musicians, but also participants from the field of architecture and design.


TILT also facilitates studyprograms and collaborative classes for youths and minors in public art-projects and site-development. The projects are often combined with our artist-in-residence program, and was established in 2014 for in-depth working processes, fostering experimental approaches and collaborations.