Ewa Jacobsson

what is not heard, seen or understood

not being able to understand or to see, not to hear



The commissioned work by Ewa Jacobsson for the Harpefoss Poetry Festival 2016 contemplates on the festival theme Attentivness and is circumscribed by the abovementioned sentences as approaches to the notion of attentivness. The commissioned work – a musical composition and art installation – is made upon field recordings and other collected material from the local surroundings of Harpefoss, followed by fragments of texts and two descriptions of visual, prepared objects. An Empty Room of Nothing is an electroacoustic work with live vocal, tiny sources of sound placed around the space or prepared as singular objects. The whole work was displayed as a soundbased/visual installation during the festival.


Ewa Jacobsson is an artist and composer. Jacobsson has worked with sound collecting since the early eighties. Her work includes site-specific installations with visuals, sound and preparation of spaces, pure sound composition, physical sounding objects and live performance, at exhibitions, museums, concert spaces and in other contexts, also including works for the street or involving the audience and the actual space.


See excerpt from the performance concert here:



Listen to podcast with Ewa Jacobsson in conversation with curator of the festival, Maja S.K. Ratkje


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The commission has received kind support from the Norwegian Cultural Council and sponsorship from Notam