Development is proceeding hastily, and the highway lights up the night at Harpefoss, as a living proof of the new times. First one road, then another, but this time outside. If «the Lantern» could utter words / yes, reflect even / it might say / Here I am / I light up the darkness / Come to me / Perhaps I am the excuse for you to meet and talk (be) together / Good day, neighbour / Come to me, Harpefoss


Lyktens tale from TILT on Vimeo.

“The Lantern” A sculpture of light, a meeting point in the old school garden at Sør-Fron junior high. For two weeks students of 9th to 10th grade gathered rocks and cut pieces of glass to build this lantern, together with artist Pelle Brage and Julia Bruun.
A concert with Anders Lauge Meldgaard and Anja Jacobsen was prepared for the opening, in cooperation with the students.


Pelle Brage (b.1978) artist living in Kristiansand, educated from Copenhagen Academy of Arts. Working with art in public spaces, in many projects challenging ideas about both artistic and economic production, aiming to create pragmatic rooms for discussion, reflection, wondering and evolution.


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