Selma French

Selma French is a Norwegian singer, composer and fiddle player. Her music reveals an admiration for Norwegian and English folk music, as well as containing an airy energy from somewhere unknown.


The debut album «Changes like the weather in the mountain», consisting of Selma’s songs wrapped in electric guitar, wurlitzer, fiddles and some high pitched choir voices was released August 19, 2022 and got listed as one of the best norwegian albums of the year as well as recieving a numbers of great reviews.


Selma is already known in the folk-scene in Norway as a member of bands such as Masåva and Morgonrode. She has toured and worked with with artists like Frøkedal & Familien, Sondre Lerche, Karl Bjorå, Siv Jakobsen and The Switch. Her musical work has been acknowledged by many, lastly featured as the theme song in the Viaplay series Furia. Selma French is her solo project. In her band she plays with some of norways most exciting musicians in the open improvised/jazz/folkmusic scene, Christian Winther (electric guitar), Andreas Winther (drums), Anna Ueland (synth) and Erik Sollid (hardangerfiddle). They have played numbers of well received concerts. Their concert at VillVillVest 2022 was the only concert that recieved 6/6 and a long review in the Norwegian musicmagazine, GAFFA.NO.


Selma French has grown up in a little university suburban place called Ås. Surrounded by folk music she has played and created music all her life. The list of musical inspirations is long, from Linda Perhacs, Nick Drake, Fairport Convention, Judee Sill, to Frøkedal, Sundfør and Sandy Denny.


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