Sigurd Hole 3 photo by I.J.Biermann

CONCERT may 2024

INTEROBJECTIVE SOUNDSCAPES is the title of a new project of Sigurd Hole that explores different ways of experiencing music and sound. The main title, Interobjective soundscapes, is inspired by a nascent philosophical movement called object-oriented ontology, and more spesifically by the writings of Timothy Morton. Object-oriented ontology rejects the privileging of human existence over the existence of nonhuman objects, as opposed to the more mainstream view of anthropocentrism which says that human beings are the central or most important entity in the universe.


«Interobjective soundscapes» approaches the experince of sound and music in the same vein, exploring anything from the visualizing of musical scores to conceptuel cnocert formats where the audience are physically moving through the sounds and the variety of voices in a work of music.


“Sonically expansive, thoughtfully paced music” – The New York Times (Critic´s pick)

“An overlap of the ancientness of folk music, and the ancientness of landscape.” – BBC

“What pushes Hole’s bass work into the realm of the sublime are his refined sense of improvisation and painterly subtlety.” – Downbeat (Best of 2020)

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