On the Other Side of the Wind is a new artist book by Tarje Eikanger Gullaksen and Marius Engh whose project departured from hiking between Oslo and Harpefoss, and the mental and physical landscapes the travel hovers upon. The Other Side of the Wind is also an artwork that has evolved out of a series of events and reactions over a longer period of time. It is a monument and the memorial of travel, potential projects and movements. It is an enlarged wind vane supposed to measure an object which disappeared. It is a parrot which repeats the stories it has been given. It is a future ruin with a perfect awareness of its own future.


The concept of the book is a filed archive with the material gravitates towards/falls into the slit between pages as if filed, working as an intuitive investigation of memories and memorials. The book archives events from the travel and the following art project “Norwegian Blue”, as it molds by way of relics like postcards, sketches, drawings, quotes, text, sound and other forms of categorised documentation being filled into the archive.


On the Other Side of the Wind was the artist’s contribution to Future Ruins, a curated public art project highlighting the characteristics of place, it’s collective and narrative dimensions as it might appear through the conceptual framework of future ruins.


Sound recording: Charles Valentin Alkan’s “Funeral March on the Death of a Parrot” performed by Kvintessens
Essay: Erling Moestue Bugge


Design: Eller med a


Price 15 €
138 pages
Norwegian /English


ISBN 978-82-69497-2-5
Trykk: TS Trykk


Museum of the Void Press and Harpefoss hotell

TILT#3 2017

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