Exhibition opening 6th May 3 PM


Johannes Engelsen Espedal

The present – broken, desolated is constantly erasing itself, leaving few traces. Things can catch your attention for a while but you do not remember them for very long. But the old memories persist, intact … Constantly commemorated … I love 1923 … 

Do we really have more substance than the ghosts we endlessly applaud?

The past cannot be forgotten, the present cannot be remembered.

Take care. It’s a desert out there …


Mark Fisher

Ghosts of My Life, 2014


With sculptural elements resembling conceptions and frozen movements of an unknown, yet to come or already conceived of time-space dimension, NEW WORLD is an exhibition that makes tangible the uprising and breaking point of forces. Johannes Engelsen Espedal’s use of materials, tools and technologies which has arrived at an homeless existence outside the timeframes of use economy, make new alloys and forms which neither express futuristic nostalgia or a re-imagination of times bygone. The sculptural workings go beyond such motives. A rising tide, a pillar or a foreign pictogram divert attention towards nature and consciousness as fleeting phenomena, drafts for a transformation of language and reality, already present in it’s contained form.
Johannes Engelsen Espedal starting point is often the man made and the material world, which he applies in order to re-work of memories and future thinking. Pivotal to this is a search for the history of materials and the characteristic traits of ready-mades. Along with a profound knowledge of craftsmanship he aims at liberating objects from their relations to ideas. Sculpting, painting and drawing are organized as spatial and compository parts, whereas improvisation is decisive to create transgressive and balancing acts between lightness and weight, process and conclusion.




LA8PV: CDTR87 [live]



LA8PV: CDTR87 [live] plays live improvisational music with field recordings, tuners, synths and drum machines. Behind the cryptically named band are Christian Dugstad and Thomas Rodahl, which for the exhibition opening will play a concert drawing up a musical landscape that stretches from ambient and drones to Italian techno.