Harpefoss Poetry Festival is a festival of art, music and poetry. The main objective of the festival is to present Norwegian and Nordic poetry that challenge and explore cross-disiplinary and inventive practices within its field, and a wide range of transactions and connections at the outskirts of poetry, between sound/music, performance, film and art.


The theme for the 2016 festival is Attentiveness. Within a society with an increasingly demand of attention and were images tends replace text, the festival aims to discuss and create testimony as to how art, music and poetry may contribute to a different type of attentiveness. In what ways could is the poem be said to be aware of and turn itself outwards to the world? What kind of attention is created by and within music? Does the poem open the possibility to see and engage in society with other forms of expression, otherwise unavailable? How can the poem aid us in experiencing realities and individual worlds which we are otherwise unable to grasp? How are we to become more open, better and more attentive readers of poetry and art?


The curators for the 2016 biannual festival is Kristin Berget, Anna Kleiva, Eivind Hofstad Evjemo og Maja Ratkje.


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