Concert Harpefoss Poetry Festival 2016

Sjugurd and Hans – composers, friends and oppositions


Aslak Brimi (violin) with musicians Erlend Viken (violin) and Stein Magne Eggen (accordion) takes on the music and history of the two violinists and friends Hans W. Brimi (1917-1998) and Sjugurd Garmo (1896-1991) from Garmo in Lom. Whereas one of them regularly went touring and played nationwide at theaters and radio, the other was more of a homeloving person, who enjoyed rehearsing with the local members of Lom spelemannslag


Video and photo: Anna Lerheim Ask


Music curator: Maja S.K. Ratkje

Sound: Vegard Moshagen

Light: Jostein Kjorstad


Aslak O. Brimi (b. 1983) is a violinist for Lom, Norway. Grown up in a family with players of traditional music, his upbringing and work is greatly influenced by the local music of Otta valley. He is an inventor of both traditional and folk music, and contributed both as producer and manager of several recordings and concerts/tours.