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Britt Pernille Frøholm is one of the most outstanding performers on the traditional hardanger fiddle today. Not only is she a versatile musician in folk music, but has also released a number of albums and she has initiatied projects within a wide array of genres and improvised music.


Her solo project Poems for hardanger fiddle invites contemporay composers to write new works for hardanger fiddle, exploring and expanding the musical territories of both the instrument and traditions within folkmusic. Through this project Frøholm leaves traces of a unique journey as a musician and interpreter.


Following the first project in the series, “Fragile” by Therese Birkelund Ulvo, it is now time for “Phantom (1651)” composed by French-Canadian Nicolas Bernier. Inspired by centuries of traditional Norwegian folk music, the year 1651 refers to Jaastadfela, Norway`s oldest documented harding fiddle.

Fragile, 2017:


The composer describes the work this way: «Yet they are here. Quiet, unobtrusive, they draw lines between the elements of the story. A necessary presence. Phantom (1651) is a piece of electronic music that tells fragments of a story by the strings of the Hardanger fiddle. Similar to the violin, the instrument commonly used in traditional Norwegian music has this ghostly characteristic: sympathetic strings vibrating by themselves, like spectre. These apparitions are worked on several levels in relationship with the fiddle: inaudible, the instrument will however cause electronic tones, he will be followed by persistent ghostly resonances, he will accidentally trigger accidental sound apparitions. An allegory working around the presence / absence that form a link between the past and the present.»


Interview with Britt Pernille Frøholm about her lates piece Phantom (1651) by Nicolas Bernier


Fragile, 2017:


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