18th February

IEatHeartAttacks follow many years of rehearsal and experimentation, resulting in a raw, yet defined sound. Though IEatHeartAttacks has their name from a Blood Brothers song, Jompi and Nopper’s youth was shaped by the norwegian hardcore scene of the 00s, with bands like JR Ewing, Snöras, Kaospilot and The Spectacle making lasting impressions. Enforced by master bass player Erik, Ieatheartattacks has added a melodic nerve and sophisticated detail to their early wild years. The songwriting follows the classic punk ethos of less is more: When the message is delivered, the song is over. There is a unique flow in the IEatHeartAttacks songs, with blending harmonies and disharmonies whipped up by scorching waveish beats and catchy breaks.

Release of new album Please Just Dance Death on label Fysisk Format February 10th


Press excerpts:

“Hello Cole Porter features everything you would expect from this band yet its arrangements remain unpredictable and infectiously catchy. Traditionally British oversaturated overdubs are replaced with an intense 3-way scream, melodic feedback and meteoric drums. The listener is left stunned, satisfactorily assaulted and craving more – a sonic experience that bares a true reflection of their outstanding live performance.” – Circuitsweet (UK)