Upside-down forest of birch / Koivikossa, ylösalasin 27. April – 19. May
Benedict Beldam and Henrik Follesø Egeland

Upside-down forest of birch / Koivikossa, ylösalasin by Henrik Follesø Egeland (b.1994) and Benedict Beldam (b.1994) is a meeting between two installastions in the hotels old warehouse. The exhibtion has been developed through a number of visits to Harpefoss, one for every season. The seasonal changes have deceased to follow each others within the exhibtion space, and by this non-linear sequence, new points relations arise between different dynamics, such as light and darkness, high and low, mechanical and natural materials, quitness and humming.


27. April – 19. May


Photos: Henrik Follesø Egeland

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