Prosjekt: Framtidsruiner

Rims for Gudbrandsdalen – Lutz Rainer-Müller og Stian Ådlandsvik

The project take its cue from the contrast between the identity of a certain region slowly built up through a long history of local civilisation on the one hand, and the rapid outreach of modern infrastructure crossing these areas on the other hand. An increased accessibility of these areas through motorways is certainly meaningful, however two different velocities in juxtaposition tend to manipulate each other. The artists’ idea for a sculptural contribution to the area of Gudbrandsdalen is derived from these thoughts about „accelerated perception“. We would like to design a custom rim for cars in an edition. The rim designs we are planning is an adaptation of the traditional and local, utilizing the slow, local and “home-grown”, juxtaposing this with the aesthetics of speed, movability and freedom found on the motorway.


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